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The First Street Bridge installation, the first of three temporary bridges being installed at the Transbay Transit Project, was successfully installed over the Memorial Day Weekend, 2012. The three bridges, at First Street, Fremont Street and Beale Street are necessary to keep the construction of the Transbay Transit Center ongoing, while maintaining minimal disruption to vehicle and pedestrian traffic in this downtown location.

Internal Bracing

PB&A, Inc. was retained by Balfour Beatty Infrastructure to design the Internal Bracing System, Bridges and Trestle that made up the Shoring/Excavation contract for this enormous undertaking in downtown San Francisco.

The Internal Bracing System is designed to support the 60’ excavation, 3 City blocks long (1600 linear feet)

Equipment Trestle

The Equipment Trestle was designed as a Permanent Structure in order to comply with the Project Specifications and was designed to handle the equipment traffic used for the construction of the excavation support system and the bridges that serve the 3 main downtown arteries that cross the excavation.. PB&A developed an innovative design that complied with AASHTO Seismic Design Guidelines for 475 return period.


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