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PB&A, Inc. has come a long way, but our mission remains: to approach each client partnership with integrity, while responding to every challenge with efficiency and singular attentiveness.

Who We Are

PB&A Inc. is a Structural Engineering Firm, who for over 35 years has combined industry-leading technical expertise with state-of-the-art computer aided design to develop the most advanced Geo-structural solutions for the most complex engineering challenges. We deliver cost-efficient designs across markets—buildings, transportation, transit and water/wastewater infrastructure. As an independent small business specializing solely in shoring, support of excavation and construction engineering, we provide our loyal clients with more than value. We provide them with confidence.


Prior to the inception of PB&A, Mr. Pirooz Barar worked for the design firm of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill for more than 16 years. During this time he refined his expertise on a variety of traditional vertical structural design projects, including Engineer of Record on the Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco. His true interest, however, was in the advancement and utilization of more efficient and effective earth retention systems for a greater variety of building and infrastructure projects.

In 1983 Mr. Barar founds PB&A Inc. in San Francisco.
The practice serves as the catalyst for Mr. Barar to focus his years of diverse structural analysis and design experience into the specialization of Geo-Structures and Shoring design. During this period Mr. Barar engineers the first Soil Nailed Wall in the Western United States for a 30 ft. excavation at 1330 North California in Walnut Creek, California.

During the 1990s, with a growing clientele and projects underway across the bay area, PB&A relocates to larger and more centrally located offices in Oakland, CA. The company flourishes over the next 10 years, marketing to a greatly expanded client base, and taking on more complex projects throughout California, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.


From our Corporate Office in San Rafael, CA, PB&A continues to make significant contributions to the advancement of technical design and analysis of shoring and earth retention systems for the built environment. The firm is constantly striving to push the boundaries of the profession and bring new insight to a constantly evolving and highly specialized field.

In 2000 PB&A drafts new code for the use of Soil Nail, and Soldier Beam and Tie Back permanent earth retention systems for California Essential Facilities. The code language, developed for OSHPD is added to the California Building Code Title 24.

Pirooz Barar and the rest of the PB&A team stays relevant in the new technological age by utilizing the most up to date analysis programs, spending time advancing their skills with further education and training.

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