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East Side LRT – Boyle Station

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The East Side Light Rail Transit (LRT) Extension Project takes the LRT from Downtown Los Angeles to Glendale, CA. There are three underground stations linked by the underground tunnel that will service the eastbound route. The first, and largest of the stations to be built is the Boyle Street Station, for which an excavation of 60’ below the surface street was required. The design challenges presented were numerous, and magnified by the fact that Boyle St. was to remain open to traffic at all times during construction. Since tunneling for the project is to begin at the Boyle Station, the shoring design had to make allowance for the tunneling machine to be dropped into the excavation at the site, further complicated the process. Design Calculations were performed using the latest technology that not only calculated the stresses on each of the members as the excavation proceeded to bottom, but also needed to calculate the magnified stresses and increased loads that would occur when the bottom level of stresses was removed.


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